Monday, February 18, 2008

Whats In A Name

After all the guess where pictures from last week I've been thinking about place names in Labrador. While I realize they had names long before Europeans stepped foot in Labrador its still interesting how names sometimes change or evolve over the years. Sometimes its just down to pronounciation of words or some regional dialect differences. Bobbin Joyce, Bob & Joyce, Bob & Joys, Bob Joys (Brook) comes to mind....all the same place! Then are places that seem to have been deliberately renamed at some point, for example whats now known as North River was originally called Cartwright River by George Cartwright in the late 1700's.

Maybe its time to have some kind of official record of the place names while some of the older generation is still around?

The interactive map I had on the website for place names a few years ago was discontinued because it started to get quite inaccuarate because I don't think a lot of people were zooming in on the map enough before placing their markers.

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Lp said...

Hey Mealyman;
I think it's a great idea and it's one that keeps coming back - your google map of a year or so ago, a couple of mentions in between, WJM mentioned it again a week or so ago. I think we should set up some address and/or some semi-official group (maybe tied to a sort of Heritage Society or something) that can at least begin to gather the info and have an address to submit stories/names and so on. There are lots of names surviving since George Cartwright's day (and earlier), there are some records of Inuit, and I'm sure Innu names as well, some have been changed, some have been added. Many have stories attached. I think it would be great and needs to be done - we still have lots of people with lots of info and it needs to be gathered and recorded. There are official mechanisms to have names changed or added to official maps/charts as well. Great idea and we should get started.