Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Trails

Why is it Labrador cant capitalize on such a thriving snowmobile market? According to ISMA snowmobilers spent more than $20 billion last year on equipment, accessories and vacations thus creating jobs for tens of thousands of people.

A study in Quebec in 1997 revealed $1.5 billion is generated annually by the snowmobile industry in the province. That same year Quebec saw more than 7600 snowmobile related tourists from other provinces and the USA.

Quebec winter conditions are very similar to Labrador when it comes to terrain and snow conditions. If anything Labrador should be more attractive due to its more pristine environment.

Where Quebec differs is in its government promotion of the industry. Dont see much promotion of Labrador trails by the Colonial Lords in Newfoundland do we?
But where Quebec is one of the premeir snowmobiling destination in the world is in its trail system. The province has more than 33,000 kms of groomed and maintained trails. There are more kms of groomed trails in Quebec than there are paved roads.

Footnote.......Trail Pass Prices In Quebec 2007-08

225 $ for a annual trail permit purchased on or before Dec. 9, 2007
250 $ for a annual trail permit purchased after Dec. 9, 2007
300 $ for a annual trail permit sold on trail*
150 $ for a 7 day trail permit
50 $ per day for a daily trail permit
380 $ for a annual trail permit for snowmobiles used by rental companies

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Dew said...

there's more km of trail in Labrador than there is paved roads as well. haha.
But this is no laughing matter. It it about time for government to invest in the tourism potential of snowmobiling in Labrador. Quebec, New Brunswick, & Ontario are all good models or government interest in the industry. Services bring in tax dollars and employment. And snowmobilers, spending over $200 a day each, want services!