Monday, April 28, 2008

The Cost of Survival

Gas is is going up, as a direct result food is going up. But indirectly as well. Today Viet Nam stopped exporting rice because of their own domestic need. All basic foods like flour and corn increasing in price almost as fast as oil! It boils down to everything is less and it costs more.

But does it really???? At our point in human history theres still plenty of fossil fuel for our demands, its just "certain" government interests and big oil companies controling the oil taps that is determining the high fuel cost today. I'm not condoning more dependence and demand on oil but HEY we're all victims of our own over indulgence in cheap, easy, (DIRTY) energy. Until we all take responsibility and make our governments responsible, we will just dig ourselves deeper into human implosion. Humankind as never advanced so much in our history than it as in the past 100 years, but about 30 years ago when big industry and their big influence came on the scene, its seems all human advancement as stalled. We can can spend billions on a war to protect oil interests yet we cant invest a few million on what could potentially be free energy from hydrogen out of regular everyday water?????

And now we have food following suit. Food shortages all over the world, the cost to get the food skyrocketing, farmers not even growing food crops because they cant make any money! Have we reached a zenith in our time on this voyage on earth, is it all a drive down hill from here? I hope not! For a start we can start by changing all the idiots who are at the wheel!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Convenient Truth

It seems Danny Williams doesnt know whats happening within his own government. With the crisis in the Eastern Health scandal he keeps saying that he didnt know what was happening and that it was just his minister of health's responsibility. Funny because he seems to be pretty well up on whats happening with his resource and transportation ministers! Maybe its just that people's health is just not that important to Danny?

But ultimately its the Captain thats responsible for his ship so Danny needs to take some responsibility for the mess in healthcare. He has to be accountable for the bad things in his government, not just the good.