Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To The Politicians

They say we in Labrador got no numbers to count in the (voting) come election time, to make a difference, I say it is the way the Govt has put it. Of course there are no numbers, our resources are here but the amount of pay isn`t,, for one thing everybody (in Labrador) gotta move either to the island or across Canada for better wages just to try and provide some type of security and stability for their loved ones. Come on, this is the way it is, This should be a wake up call for all our Elected Politicians across Labrador, my goodness, once we get our own infrastructure (ie for Hydro and the Highways) then i believe things will start to go our way(as for numbers) here in Labrador. I`m sure there are ways to start our own industry to attract even more indivduals from anywhere in the world(if we get our infrastructure), ie.. roads and hydro, and i`m sure this will lead to our younger generation to have the utmost confidence and support from all Labrador as One to go our own way as a Labrador Province. C`mon Liberal delagates, PC delagates , NDP delegates and of course the Labrador Party delagates, Get Together, Bury the Hatchet and for goodness sakes wake-up and see that our resources stay here in Labrador for the good of all Labradorians to build on for once and for all. Put your personal parties aside for once and go with the Labrador People, Your People and i`m sure Your forefathers People that worked like dogs to make it possible for You and Me to be here at this time. Don`t you all (polticians) realise the sacrifices and for sure the Hardships my forefathers and your own forefathers had to endure just to try and survive, but by god they did just that (survive) and just look at how the Gov`ts of the day treated them, shameful if you ask me. Well sir, we certainly knows the difference now, so get away from your personal parties and jump in with all of Labrador, we`ll be so much stronger as one, and our ancestors that endured hardships we will never experience will be just Smiling. What we all got to lose , you can`t take the money with you when you goes(or the saying says) but just look at the power and enthusiasm and of course the self righteous right we so all deserve as a unique and self serving people that can and will prosper,,, God Willing. Thats my 2 cents worth and i`m sure there are many, many more with these same views here in Labrador. (C`mon Politicians From your Homeland, Join as One) and we here in Labrador will be your biggest supporters.


Lp said...

South side; Well said and it's too bad that our elected politicians always have seem to have their first responsibility to their Party, then 'the Province' and maybe finally to their constituents (in our case, Labradorians) - which of course is exactly backwards to how it should be. Sadly enough we keep on electing them on that basis. Not many actually speak what their people have spoken, and are speaking now, once they get there.
Here's a quote from the election material from Brandon Pardy of The Labrador Party, Lake Melville in 2003(no, I'm not active in any party right now), but reflects exactly the same things you have just said really:
"I call on the four MHAs and the MP, regardless of political stripe, to work with the Combined Councils of Labrador and the three Aboriginal organizations to from a working committee to represent all Labrador Peoples!'"
And he goes on further to say that "Other party's members must toe a provincial agenda" and added that they should toe a line that benefits Labrador....

Clarence said...

You had better check Captain Labradore's archived blog and his statistics will prove you wrong.