Monday, February 11, 2008


I must say I do like most things about the social network site Facebook and have to confess spending too much time on it from time to time. BUT SERIOUSLY the endless funwall requests and having to invite 20 friends to get to see anything all the time is really starting to get annoying. That being said theres still that strange fascination of seeing bits of other people's lives.

Anyway thats my only complaint for the day, aside from the weather that is!


BonnieL said...

Gotta agree with ya Dean... I just stay away from anything other then pics and messages!
Chances are when you want to send someone a "hug" its for a reason, and you shouldn't have to send it to 20 others, same with other applications.
So when I keep hitting ignore, I'm not snubbing anyone, it just means, theres to much to keep up with, and we were probably just one of twenty that had to be included to send someone something. And Funwall, is the killer, because usually its the SAME CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, so you keep getting the same thing, over and over. No, not for me!

SpottedIsland said...

I have to agree too, Facebook and its applications are overswamped and way out of control. The applications are for me losing interest really fast. I am losing interest in Facebook overall. There seems to be no control or I cannot appreciate the Site like I used to. I removed my Superwall, Advanced Wall and Fun Wall. Too much spam mail for me. The nice warm and fuzzies are gettin old.

Anonymous said...

I talked with a friend yesterday who read the fine print on Facebook...she said that all photos posted on Facebook becomes property of one of these days someone my loose rights to their own face if you go into the movie buisness you have to agree to Facebooks terms as to where you can show your face.