Monday, February 4, 2008

Back Up Back Up Back Up!

I cant emphasize enough how important it is to perform regular backups on your computer. Trust me, sooner or later your personal computer will run into problems to the point where your data will be at risk. If its a catastrophic crash you may even lose your stuff forever.

You dont need to backup up everything, just things that are irreplaceable. For example your pictures, if all you backed up were your pictures you would be saving yourself a lot of grief down the road.

There are several ways of backing up your files. Probably the most common is storing your stuff on blank cd-r. Depending on the resolution of your pictures you could store hundreds of pictures on one cd and now with dvd burners being common you can store thousands of pictures on a blank dvd.
An external hard drive is another option, some of these drives have the option where all you do is push one button and it backs up your stuff automatically.
USB thumb drives are getting so big in storage capacity these days that they could be an option.
I see more and more people with multiple computers in the home these days, you could share your important data between computers across a home network as a form of backup.

Remember no matter how well you think your computer is running today, it all could crash tomorrow.



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