Thursday, February 7, 2008

Photo challenge

[John] Hickey in turn challenged [Darrell] Brenton to drive across the test strip of double chipseal that runs in front of his residence in Goose Bay, saying, "You will not find a bump or crack in that double chipseal, and I challenge anyone to try."

Premier comes to town to make TLH announcement,
Heather George, 53 North, July 1st, 2007, p. 3

So, how about it, shutterbugs?


Melvin Hamel said...

While viewing the patches from the year before that are now patched again, My guess is that it's now triple layer. Is this another case of poor Darryl being too far away to observe it for himself. This [out of sight out of mind theory] is really being maximized by, (as I've read by a poster, that I wish I'd created.) "Danny's little hemmoroid". It must also have been patched within the same week of the challenge, because the next week would have borne new ones.

WJM said...

The challenge only started yesterday.

Hickey says there are no bumps or cracks. Can we have photographic proof, if this is wrong?

Melvin Hamel said...

No photo Op. Snow covered, yet. Guessing from last years observation, the road is certainly better in that section. It's also the part of the road that's well separated from the terra firma, being a relatively high incline, and that may also contribute to its success. We'll see, after thaw.