Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Crime Wave

Break ins, thefts, vandalism....none of which are new to Cartwright or any other town for that matter, but the increase in frequency of of these crimes lately is troubling. Is this the work of different perpetrator(s) each time or are these crimes the work of same individual or group?

As it is with most crimes it is more than likely that more people other than the person(s) who commit the act know of the activity. More often than not these situations tend to end up in a conspiracy of silence where friends and peers refuse to "snitch".

But comfort can be taken in the fact that the truth always has a way of coming out in the end.

One of the old cannon displays vandalised on Flagstaff hill - Feb.04/2008


Melvin Hamel said...

It's sad to see such an important historical landmark being mistreated, but at least it's still there. I wanted to share one incident when I was 14 yrs of age and decided to help myself to a 6x6x8, from my dad's saw mill. I was using it to support a floor in a house I and a friend decided to build for brewing and whatever else young fellers can dream of happening. I can't say what my father pondered, as other options to dealing with me, but what he did do was next day, he dropped off a truck load of lumber. Was it punishment enough? I can't think of what he could have done to make me think more about my actions. There certainly were other things he could have done.

Melvin Hamel said...

Maria Montessori founded a school that did not have a set cirriculum. While I favour the idea, I admit I have never read much about it, and maybe some of our teachers could expound much further on the subject than I. I have never looked at things such as additional costs, if any, for example. However, I like what I percieve to be a system of teaching a child pertaining to their interest. I was told of a worker who was a sign painter in my work place, to use an example, who had been schooled in Denmark. He was able to skip the costly and timely College and University training that gets most of us ready to join the job market. He came out of high school prepared for work, because they were able to foster and direct this child's adeptness in his field of interest. Many of us, in my opinion missed the opportunity ourselves, and continue to fail our children. It's usually a question of Money, Space and that great gift of Time. When the energetic youth says "I have no direction and can't decide on a career", sometimes, it may be the confining wall of set cirriculum. If my parents failed, and I don't believe they did, it was to not instill the importance of educating yourself beyond high school. For parents then, their children were attaining the target when they completed High School. My point is that Pent up energy in youth, the need to be impressed and to impress others, is not always found in front of the tv, or in any other venue found in the home. These children are classified wasted youth for many reasons. While I can't claim to be an authority on any option, I submit this thought as one.