Monday, April 28, 2008

The Cost of Survival

Gas is is going up, as a direct result food is going up. But indirectly as well. Today Viet Nam stopped exporting rice because of their own domestic need. All basic foods like flour and corn increasing in price almost as fast as oil! It boils down to everything is less and it costs more.

But does it really???? At our point in human history theres still plenty of fossil fuel for our demands, its just "certain" government interests and big oil companies controling the oil taps that is determining the high fuel cost today. I'm not condoning more dependence and demand on oil but HEY we're all victims of our own over indulgence in cheap, easy, (DIRTY) energy. Until we all take responsibility and make our governments responsible, we will just dig ourselves deeper into human implosion. Humankind as never advanced so much in our history than it as in the past 100 years, but about 30 years ago when big industry and their big influence came on the scene, its seems all human advancement as stalled. We can can spend billions on a war to protect oil interests yet we cant invest a few million on what could potentially be free energy from hydrogen out of regular everyday water?????

And now we have food following suit. Food shortages all over the world, the cost to get the food skyrocketing, farmers not even growing food crops because they cant make any money! Have we reached a zenith in our time on this voyage on earth, is it all a drive down hill from here? I hope not! For a start we can start by changing all the idiots who are at the wheel!


Lp said...

As 'Lenny' posted a couple of days ago on your 'we're entering a very interesting time in our history' for sure. Very interesting indeed. It's amazing that within the last 40 odd years we have doubled the Earth's population from the early '60s, 3 billion, to over 6 billion today! Twice as many mouths to feed! Even at the same rate of oil consumption (per person) we would use twice as much of that, too! WE all know, though, that we haven't been using oil at the same rate since then, our consumption has gone up considerably more than that. Countries that didn't even have the technology to produce cars back then are now world leaders in production! Railways and ships carried most of the freight, now millions of transport trucks likely carry most of it, and considerably farther, over millions of miles of roads on top of that. Just imagine in our own little world(s), little things like snowmobiles were barely making an appearance, really, in the early sixties. Now most houses have more than one. Back then, fishing boats had pretty small motors and didn't travel far, really. Outboard motors were of the 5 hp level, an 18hp was 'a big one'. A summers use was only a half dozen 'drums' for a fairly big user. Pretty easy now to burn a half a drum in one trip. How many snowblowers were there? Not many lawn mowers either. Back in the early '60s in Cartwright, the Mission had a vehicle, the HBC, Fequets had a vehicle. There were a half dozen on the USAF base and only a really scattered private person had one. Our own increase in oil usage likely is fairly representative of the rest of the world - huge. And we're burning what has always been, and is now a FINITE resource. We know there is an end to it, and it cannot be that far in the future (in terms of human history), we know our excessive usage is affecting the planet big time - but we can't even slow it down! Yet, one day soon we will have to, because it will be GONE. GONE.
Personally, I have serious reservations about using farm land and crops to produce 'bio-fuel'.
Seems to me we have to reconcile our conscience and our conscious choice to grow food or 'bio-fuel' products. Grow corn and other grains for food, or ride our ass around? I read somewhere the other day that if you take inflation into account, since the '30s/'40s gasoline is actually only really about the same price now, as then (didn't check that out an further).
Only on thing is certain though, is that pretty soon (really soon, in terms of even recorded history), our oil based life is certainly and absolutely going to change. Big time. Only a matter of time. A really short time.

NelsonJG said...

Great points - using oil output to control the price of oil is dirty! However, political instability and increased demand are also contributory.

Re food: Growth in India and China has increased demand for food. The prod. of ethanol-based fuels done the same, while decreasing supply.