Friday, March 28, 2008

Eulogy For A Maple Leaf

Another hockey season is nearly done and The Maple Leafs have failed to make the playoffs once again. The team was valued at $413 million in 2007 making it what must be one of the most expensive failures in NHL history! The last year the Leafs won a cup was 1967 so tv viewers have never seen a Stanley Cup raised in victory by a Maple Leaf player in colour LOL! Some blame the infamous Harold Ballard for the beginning of the Leaf's downfall and continue to blame his ghost to this day. I've also noticed how Leaf fans seem to want to hold on to the past as well. Case in point, Mats Sundin is now the current record holder for most points by a Maple Leaf. When Sundin passed Darryl Sittler he was actually despised by some Leaf fans!?!?!?!

Good times come and good times go and I'm sure the Leafs will find success again EVENTUALLY!! and hey..........theres always next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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